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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

Welcome to year 1

Our Year One curriculum is fully integrated and provide a rich, simulating learning experience which incorporates the child centred practice of the Early Years Foundation stage. The children will  be working towards Year One outcomes through our enabling provision. This will provide opportunities to develop resilience, independence, creative and critical thinking skills.

Year 1


Dear Parents,                

Welcome back to the Summer Term!  Year One will be very busy this term with lots of exciting learning linked to our topics 'Growing Things' and 'Carnival of the Animals'.

                  In English, we will be reading a range of texts linked to our topics.  Our key texts for the term are:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk (traditional tale)
  • The Gigantic Turnip (traditional tale) 
  • One Day On Our Blue Planet by Ella Bailey 
  • Surprising Sharks (non-fiction) by Nicola Davies
  • The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson 

We will continue to develop the children’s writing skills and explore the genres of narrative and report writing.  The children will work on their personal writing targets at school.  Please ask your child about their target and remind them to work on this when writing with you at home.  The children will continue with guided reading, phonics and handwriting lessons.  You can support them by:

  • reminding them to hold their pencil using a tripod grip and to form letters correctly.
  • have spelling ‘quizzes’ and ask them to spell words using sounds from Phase 5 (see attached sound mat)  eg “Our sound today is ‘ay’.  Can you spell… hay / May / say / today / play / stay?”
  • encourage them to retell and write their own stories or information reports about things they are interested in.  Bring them in to school so we can celebrate their achievements together!

Books will be changed on Monday and Thursday afternoons and homework will be sent home every Thursday.  Remember, it is vital for your child’s progress that they read every evening at home!

In Maths we will be continuing to develop the children’s skills in addition, subtraction and problem solving within 50, progressing to numbers up to 100. We will also be learning about money and time.

You can help your child’s mathematical development by:

  • playing board games.  They are a great way to develop calculation skills (not to mention sharing and turn taking!)
  • shopping – writing your shopping list, checking the price at the supermarket and paying for items will support your child’s knowledge of money, problem solving and begin to introduce ideas of budgeting and good financial management.
  • playing ‘guess the number’!  Think of a number between 1 and 100.  Your child must guess it by asking yes or no questions only.  Try to encourage them to use words like ‘more than / less than / tens / ones’.  Swap roles!  This game also works well with shapes.
  • letting your child help with cooking at home. Help them to measure ingredients accurately using weighing scales or measuring jugs. Talk about what each division on the scale stands for.
  • practising telling the time to o’clock and half past using both digital and analogue clocks. Ask your child to be a ‘timekeeper’ (e.g. tell me when it is half past four because then we are going swimming).
  • playing ‘number tennis’ to practise number bonds with your child. You say a number. They reply with how much more is needed to make 10. You can also play this game with numbers totalling 20 or the next number in a sequence when counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100.

In Science, we will be learning about plants, animals and their habitats.  We will be gardening, growing beans and have a visit from the local florist to help us learn about common flowering plants.   Later in the term we will enjoy a day at Paradise Wildlife Park to find out about animals, what they eat and how they are similar and different (categorisation). If you are a green thumb and would like to help the children with a bit of gardening here at school, do let us know! You can support your child’s scientific development by:

  • planting and growing herbs / vegetables yourself!  Keep them in pots in the kitchen if you have no outdoor space.  Talk to your child about the parts of the plant, how they grow and what they need.
  • reading up some non-fiction books or watch a documentary about animals.  If you can manage a trip to the zoo or a wildlife park – even better!  Children are naturally curious about animals.  Talk to them about what they eat (herbivore, carnivore or omnivore) and how they are categorised (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians).

In Music, the children will be learning about rhythm in two styles of song – Reggae and Hip Hop.  This is part of our exciting music provision through the Charanga program.

In P.E. we will be developing ball skills and in the second half term we will be preparing the children for Sports Day. PE will continue to take place every Thursday.

As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure your child is adequately protected with sun cream, a hat and a water bottle.  Please also make sure that all items of clothing are labelled. Do remember that no jewellery, with the exception of stud earrings is to be worn in school.

We would like to remind you of the importance of punctuality and good attendance. Children miss important learning time if they are late. The registers close at 9:05 so please ensure that your child is in school by 9:00am everyday.

Finally a few dates for your diary:

  • Friday 3rd May – Severn Class Assembly on the Middle Floor at 9.15am
  • Friday 24th May – Tyne Class Assembly on the Middle Floor at 9.15am
  • Week beginning Monday 10th June – Year One Phonics Screening
  • Tuesday 25th June – International Evening
  • Thursday 11th July – End of Year Celebration parent event in your child’s classroom (end of day) and changeover morning for children to meet their new teachers

You will receive further up-to-date information about these events closer to their date.  If you have any questions or wish to find out about your child’s progress at school, please feel free to speak to a member of our team and/or make an afterschool appointment.   We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your enthusiasm and ongoing support throughout the year.


Kind regards,


The Year One team