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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

Who's Who


Beckford has a dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to ensuring the children receive the best possible education. The staffing structure of the school is designed to ensure excellent leadership and management as well as the highest quality teaching and learning.


Gerri O’Brien, Djamila Boubatra, Jackie O'Keefe, Anna Borzestowski

Reception  Avon

Pandora Donegan, Bernie Quirke

Reception  Lily

Jenny Armson,  Maxine Lee, Gamze Aydemir

Year 1   Tyne

Lisa Gafa, Joan Lyster

Year 1 Severn

Michelle Housley, Michelle Headley, Chevone Kellman

Year 2 Clyde

Aran Huseyin, Munavver Demir

Year 2  Shannon

Neil Thompson,  Anita Baker, Ibone Verhey, Tania Parsons

Year 3  Thames

Abigail Wells, Ashley Asobie

Year 3 Trent

Anna Middleton

Year 3  Mersey

Nazmin Nessa, Alan Hydes

Year 4  Seine

Lysander Code

Year 4 Rhine

Debbie O'Brien

Year 4 Danube

 Frank Seago

Year 5 Ganges

Louise Kwa, Kelly Caffrey, Vera Shabani, Montel Bowen

Year 5 Mississippi

Aaron Roberts, Ayo Oluwasanya

Year 5 Yangtze

Jessica Hardcastle, Danielle Walker-Holt

Year 6 Congo

Claire Dinata, Pauline Bell

Year 6  Nile

Flora Harris, Melissa Ling

Year 6 Amazon

Hannah Bones

IT Support

James Beynon


Shaun Purcell

Art Provision Micaela Schafer
Music teachers Clea Thomasset (Recorder), Simon de Silva and Edward Ashby (trumpet and trombone)

Senior Leadership team

Sam Drake (Headteacher)Jim Roebuck (Deputy Headteacher and EYFS lead), Aran Huseyin (Assistant Head, Y1 and Y2 lead), Anna Middleton (Assistant Head, Yr 3 and 4 lead), Karen Filiz (Assistant Head, SENDco) , Hannah Bones ( Yr 5 and 6 lead), Paul Dougan (School Business Manager)

School Business and Site team 

Paul Dougan(School Business Manager), Furtuna Hatipi (School Administrative Officer), John Taylor (Senior Site Officer), Amanda Martin (School Home Liaison Officer), Jackie O’Keefe (Assistant Site Officer), James Beynon (IT Technician)