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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

JTA - junior travel ambassadors


Our Journey so far…….

Last year’s School Council 2016/17 adopted the role of Junior Travel Ambassadors into their School Councillor role. This year a decision was made to make this a separate role as it played such a big part in the school community. The children who had taken part last year as JTAs opted to continue as they felt “we know what we are doing now, and want to make it better”. Posters were made to show the rest of the school who they were. They were included in the display on Pupil Voice .They are very active and meet every week at lunchtimes. They form the basis of the Beckford Working Party Travel Group along with members of staff, a parent and our School Travel Plan Officer, Michelle Jamieson.

The last term has been spent raising the profile of the JTA and making sure that the whole school community understand they are a separate role, from the School Council.

Each member of the JTA has a role and takes great pride in carrying out that job. They have also set up a space on the VLE for pupil voice and will put mini or flash surveys for you.

We have together completed a whole school hands up survey about how we travel to school now and how we would prefer to travel to school. The staff and a selection of parents have also completed a survey, which has given us issues that as a school we can try to find a solution.

The JTA are taking this role seriously as it affects everyone in the Beckford community and as a school we have a responsibility to do our part for taking care of it, so our mission statement is to reduce the amount of children that travel to school by car.

We are in the process of getting our School travel policy approved and have made a newsletter that will be given out to everyone and posted on the website. We achieved Bronze accreditation for 2016/17, which was to set at least two active travel targets to see a movement away from car use.

  •  This year 2017/18, we are working hard to achieve Silver by engaging with wider school community to influence travel behaviours; start to see a shift away from car use for your pupils, parents/carers and school staff.

And hopefully achieve Gold, by being among the top 10% of London schools, setting high standards to inspire others to transform travel habits, fully engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day.

  •  Gold, as long as we can Demonstrate at least a 6% modal shift away from the car or at least 90% of pupils travelling actively


Hilary (School Travel Plan/JTA Lead)