Design and Technology CURRICULUM

Policy Statement

Within Design and Technology there is a wide scope of products, from food technology, where children can produce their own fruit salads or different breads, to making moving books and vehicles.

Design and Technology should draw on the child’s knowledge and experience from other subject areas, particularly English, Maths, Science and Art. Children have opportunities to make their own version of things that are already available, or they can use the knowledge they have acquired through design and technology and other subjects to create a product in response to a new idea. The latter really gives the children the experience of being an inventor.

Design and Technology should always be a relevant, enjoyable and creative activity for all children.

Our Intent

Our intent is that children are taught the essential knowledge and skills that will allow them to take a critical look at the products and objects around them, and their uses. They can investigate how mechanisms work, what materials they are made from and how effective they are.

Design and Technology lessons can extend and enhance children’s natural curiosity of how and why things work, by providing pupils with the opportunity to apply and develop their skills. They can think about why certain materials were used to make these products, and how products are produced to look attractive for the consumer. With this knowledge they can plan and construct things themselves, test them out, and evaluate their own work.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are:

For design and technology we aim to:

  • develop in children an understanding of the designing and making process, the need to evaluate existing ideas and products and an ability to work through the D&T process confidently.
  • ensure that by the end of key stage 2 children are able to work more independently, and with confidence on design and technology.
  • ensure that children are able to identify opportunities for design and technology activities by observing more closely the objects around them.
  • make children more aware of the ways in which everyday objects have been designed and made.
  • to enable children to become more confident and skilled in using the range of tools and materials available in the school.

The West Hampstead Design and Technology Curriculum will:

  • ensure that every individual has equal access to the curriculum of design and technology.
  • continue to develop children’s interest and enthusiasm for this subject.
  • ensure that children are aware of global issues, and that people across the world have similar needs that are catered for using different mechanisms and products. It is important that children are aware of how these products affect the environment, and can design their own product bearing recent world issues in mind.