School renaming fair

The WHPS Exhibition—Friday 17th September 3.30-4.30pm

The Renaming Fair—Saturday 18th September, 2-4pm

This is a chance for you to see the work that children in all year groups have been doing.

Local historian, Dick Weindling, is visiting on Friday 17th September to talk to the children about the history of the school and West Hampstead.

As part of the renaming, all the children will be learning about:

-  The history of 'Broomsleigh Street School', 

-  The history of William Beckford 

-  The reasons why the local authority decided to change the name

-  The history of West Hampstead

We hope that the local community will come together and celebrate the renaming by coming to our school fair . Please bring some food, so we can all celebrate together. The new name is a celebration of our local area.