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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!   

We hope that you are enjoying the sunny weather. Please explore this website to find out about our topics this term, home learning in Year 4 and events. We will also share lots of photos of what we are up to, so please enjoy!

We look forward to working together with you again this term!

Rosie Cavill-Shah (Rhine Class), Flora Harris (Seine Class) and Frank Seago (Danube Class)

Year 4 

English and Maths

In English we will be exploring different types of writing and using examples of text to inspire  their own. In Reading we will be thinking about new words and different types of question to answer about books.

To further support their learning, please ensure that your child reads at home every day. You can also support them by asking them when/why/what and how questions about what they have read. 

In Maths we will continue to focus on key maths skills especially learning times tables and related division facts.

To further support their learning, please practise these regularly at home with your child, using Mathletics and other resources.  


Our topic this half term is the Romans, which is a history-based topic. After half term, we will be thinking about the Environment and how to be good citizens. To further support their learning, please ask your children about their day and what they have been doing in class.  Please also encourage their efforts to look after the world around them e.g. recycling, not buying single-use plastic, picking up litter etc.

Other Information

PE/Swimming this term will be on Monday afternoons. Children will be split into two classes of 30. From the end of May, Dornfell will be swimming on Mondays, and Ravenshaw will do PE.
On 25th June, these classes will swap.


Each week we will give out a set of spellings based on the week's spelling rule(s). The children will be tested on these words on a Monday. To help them practise at home, we ask that the children write super sentences on the back of the sheet using the new spellings. We will check these on Monday as well. 


Children are expected to read at home every day, and write a note in their reading record each time to show that they have done so. Their class teacher will check their reading record every week, so children must bring them to school. Children are responsible for changing their own reading books when they have finished them. To further support their learning, please remind your child that they must read every day, and that reading is the key to all learning!