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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."


Hello and welcome to the music page! The music teacher at Beckford is Hannah Larkin. Music is a large part of school life at Beckford and mostly takes place throughout the school day. The music curriculum aims to equip all children with fundamental musical skills and a life long love for music. Each class has a one hour music lesson each week with the music coordinator in our dedicated music room. In these lessons children partake in singing and instrumental work through composing, listening, performing and appraising aswell as developing their knowledge of general musicianship (dimensions of music). At Beckford School we have a vibrant extra-curricular timetable which allows pupils to extend their musical skills and opportunities to take part in public and school community. Currently we have two choirs; Junior Choir for reception – year two and Senior Choir for years three – six. Ubunto is our African drumming group and more recently we have introduced steel pan in years five and six. Children also have the opportunity to extend their skills in recorder and ukulele during lunchtimes. In addition, many pupils have individual instrumental lessons with peripatetic teachers from Camden Music Services. Pupils are able to learn piano, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, ukulele, guitar, trumpet, trombone, voice and drum-kit with a range of Saturday morning extras from Camden Music Hub. 


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